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A Strong Finish: High-Impact Closing Arguments

Commencing the Action

The Ethics of Persuasion: What Is Acceptable and What Is Over the Line?

Anatomy of Nursing Home Litigation: Changing the Practices of Nursing Homes

Creating an Aura of Success: Clear, Crisp and Compelling Direct Examination

Learning to Just Say “No:” Effective Case Evaluation

What are those People in the Jury Box Thinking? Using Effective Voir Dire Tactics to Find Out

Evidence, Experts and Hearsay in the Courtroom

How to Handle a Failure to Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease Case

Focus Groups: What They Can and Cannot Do For You

Fraudulent Charting: Separating Sloppiness from Intent (And Using Both to Your Advantage)

Helpful Tools for Understanding Medical Records: How to make your record- interpretation task easier

Guidelines for Handling the Plaintiff's Personal Injury Case

Guidelines for the Use of Demonstrative Evidence

How to Obtain All Medical Records

Introducing Evidence of Psychological Treatment

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home Liability

Persuasion in Opening Statements

Preparing Your Expert for Cross-Examination

The Rambo Litigator

Requests for Admission: An Effective Tool for Trial and Beyond

Cases Involving Worker’s Compensation: Section 102.29 Distributions

Special Litigation Techniques For Nursing Home Cases

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Recognizing the Injury, Convincing the Jury

Using Depositions to Win Motions in Limine

Using Medical Records Effectively in the Courtroom

Using Medical Records in the Pretrial Phase of Litigation

Why Themes Matter : Appealing to Jurors’ Experiences, Common Sense and Desire for Fairness


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