Why Injured People and Their Families
Trust Kelly Centofanti to Help Them

Kelly has never advertised – not ever. Her practice is entirely rooted in her reputation. Lawyers who know her and trust her send their clients to her for personal, professional service. They know she will personally ensure that each person gets the best representation and advice possible.

From start to finish, clients in all types of cases appreciate the attention to detail, and compassion, they find with Kelly.

These are a sampling of letters from Kelly’s clients:

To Whom it May Concern:

Kelly and her staff are very compassionate, organized, knowledgeable, and always prompt at answering questions. Kelly had a genuine concern for our family, and we appreciated the personalized attention our case received. 

(Her husband, Brian, was permanently injured by a negligent driver)

To Whom it May Concern:

Kelly is not just a fantastic attorney, she is an exceptional human being.  She is incredibly trustworthy and kind.  She applied the exact type of tenacious effort needed when she was advocating for me.  She was definitely a positive light during an incredibly difficult time in my life.

(He is a doctor who suffered a neck fracture because of a negligent driver)

We met Kelly via two trusted friends of mine offering their “passionate” referral for her when they learned of my 20-year-old son being hit by a drunken driver. Kelly and her team deserve every bit of that passion and I’m giving mine now. Kelly treated my young, inexperienced son with respect and became a major support for me as “Mom”. There’s so much involved between the accident and a settlement that can overwhelm. Kelly and her team took over the paperwork, bills, court notices, and insurance claims so I could focus on my son and his healing.  She drove 2.5 hours to attend the court hearing for the drunken driver and helped my son create his victim statement.  The support was compassionate, approachable, and personal.  My family felt the strong advocacy for our son. She proved her backbone of iron as she stood up to insurance companies trying to lowball their offers. Without reservation, I will always be grateful to Kelly and her team and offer my “passionate” testimonial.

(Her son was permanently injured by a drunk driver)

Dear Kelly,

You and your paralegals were very prompt with any questions or inquiries we had.  Most of all, you were compassionate toward my situation.  You never pushed in any direction … just gave us the information and advice we needed, then let us make the decision that was best. Your firm was very organized and we appreciated that you helped us with our health insurance company as well as the neighbors who owned the dog. Thank you so much!! I would definitely recommend using your law firm.  Thank you again for everything.

(She was attacked on her property by a neighbor’s dog)

To Whom it May Concern:

From my very first contact with Kelly, I found her to be kind, compassionate and understanding. As I worked with Kelly and her staff, it was apparent that these qualities extended to her staff as well. In the aftermath of my accident, I was left with some unique challenges. Kelly and her staff were very accommodating of those special needs. Centofanti Law always maintained the highest level of professionalism, organization and responsiveness. Questions were always answered completely and promptly. Kelly and her staff worked hard on my behalf. I highly recommend her and Centofanti Law.

(She was badly injured by a negligent driver)

To Whom it May Concern:

There was nothing that could prepare us for our life changing event…Jeff was severely injured in a MVA…we were given the gift of a referral to Kelly…she changed our lives… The professionalism that her and her team gave us was beyond any expectation we had.  Never was there a time that we reached out that they did not respond to us immediately.  Their kindness, caring and genuine concern for us was beyond what we had expected…we were made to feel important….we were listened to….we were cared about. We developed a relationship that will last a lifetime. Never was there a question or concern we could not address….we knew we were a priority and we mattered. Having Kelly, Mindi and Andrea on our side truly has been a blessing.

(Her husband, Jeff, was partially paralyzed by a negligent driver)

Dear Kelly,

I want to express my gratitude for your knowledge, skills and professionalism that were invaluable as I struggled after my accident. The warmth and compassion I received with our first meeting confirmed we were heading in the right direction. The attention to detail, and the thorough and efficient communication, made me feel like I was your only client and first priority.

I am so appreciative of the settlement you helped me obtain without having to go to court. Know that it has helped me to make necessary modifications to achieve a better quality of life and for that I am truly thankful.”

(Mary sustained a serious nerve injury in a motor vehicle collision)

To Whom it May Concern:

My attorney, Kelly Centofanti, always returned my phone calls immediately. She explained the process of suing a nursing home in such a way that I could understand it. It was helpful that she told my family and I about the risks of proceeding. She answered all of my questions. She kept me informed about how my case was going. She really cared about my wife Bonnie’s health and how she was feeling. I was really fortunate to have such a good attorney on my side.

(His wife, Bonnie, suffered a brain injury in a nursing home)

To Whom it May Concern:

I highly recommend Kelly Centofanti as a personal injury attorney for many reasons. Kelly’s personal integrity and sense of justice is outstanding and is apparent during one’s first encounter with her. From personal experience, Kelly is quick to adapt to and work with the client’s state of mind and health from the initial contact in which a client is often compromised, as I was, throughout the healing process and the duration of the case.

During the time I was her client as an accident victim, Kelly supported me, advocated for my legal needs, and in ways unknown to her, assisting in my healing by freeing me of any legal concerns. Her bright mind and articulate delivery of legal matters is as forthright as her brilliant handling of all aspects of the legal system. I was completely satisfied by Kelly’s efficiency, honesty and willingness to work on my behalf within a respectable time frame.

When Kelly says she’ll return your call as soon as she is available, she calls. When she says she’ll retrieve information, it’s done. Behind the scenes, her support staff continues the excellence which Kelly demonstrates in every endeavor. For example, as the client, I was always kept on the same page, at the same time, at every stage of my case. In the event that Kelly was involved in a court trial and was unavailable, the Centofanti support staff was aware of and supportive of my needs, clerical or otherwise. I was not just another case in the Centofanti office. I was a real person with a real name and real needs, on whose behalf the Centofanti practice was working.

I will call upon Kelly Centofanti as my attorney whenever appropriate, as will my family. I recommend Kelly to any individual searching for an attorney possessing qualities of excellence in competence, intelligence, forthrightness, diligence, time efficiency, and not the least of which, a sense of well-being and an appreciation for living well each day.

(Sandra was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision)

Dear Kelly,

You are a wonderful angel. Thanks so much for fighting so diligently on my daughter’s behalf. Your efforts to ensure her daycare placement as part of the settlement has made all the difference. By God’s grace and your efforts, she is in a happy environment and thriving.

Mother whose developmentally disabled daughter was sexually assaulted in a group home
(names withheld for privacy reasons)

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for handling my case so well. I was so well satisfied and happy with the way my case turned out. The time you spent explaining everything to me made a big difference. You were so kind to me … God Bless You.

(Her husband, Robert, died of injuries suffered in a nursing home)

To Whom it May Concern:

After my wife, Diana, died, I was given the name of a lawyer, Kelly Centofanti. We talked on the phone. Soon after that she drove across the state to meet in my home. It was that day I knew I was going to place all my trust with her. She showed true concern for me and my daughters.   She understood I was going through a very difficult time and treated me with respect. She explained that medical malpractice cases are difficult to win for a number of reasons. Insurance companies don’t like to pay for mistakes made by one of their doctors. They have a lot of money and a lot of lawyers. Kelly will not take a case unless she feels a wrong has been done. Her law practice and income would have been just fine without my case so I knew she wasn’t helping me just for money. Kelly went to work and long, hard work it was. After years of Kelly’s preparation and putting up with my endless emails and phone calls, (to which she always responded and kept me informed every step of the way), it was time for trial. The insurance company had its big gun lawyers and expert witness doctors. I had Kelly and our experts. The most difficult time I had was when Kelly put me on the stand. I relived that May morning all over again. I then sat back and watched as Kelly went toe to toe with the lawyers and experts. She is very intense. She presented the facts to the jury. She talked to them, not at them. I could see it in her eyes. She was giving my wife and I everything she had to give. It was at that point I knew, no matter what the jury decided, that I was right for giving Kelly all my trust. Well, the jury agreed. We won.

Kelly, once again, Jeff, Olivia and Hannah thank you.

Jeff, Olivia and Hannah
(Jeff lost his wife and the girls lost their Mom because of a doctor’s negligence)

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. It was a very long hard road but I am very glad it is over. I am sincerely grateful to you and I will highly recommend you to others in need. Lots of luck and love to you!

(Her husband was injured in a nursing home)

Dear Kelly,

The Upper Peninsula IBEW Pension Plan appreciates your hard work on our behalf. The fact that you communicated directly with the Board of Trustees using “straight talk” kept them informed and educated on their rights and options. This helped bring our case to a successful and speedy conclusion.

(Tom is the Administrator of an organization that lost a large sum of money as the result of an attorney’s negligence.)

To Whom it May Concern:

From the very beginning of our professional relationship, Kelly Centofanti gave our family peace of mind. She came into our home for the first meeting, and immediately set to work getting to know the details of our case.

It was that peace of mind, combined with the overall sense of stability and comfort she provided us, that facilitated our decision to hire Ms. Centofanti to represent our son. In the ensuing period of time, she spent a lot of time with our son; getting to know him, helping to put him at ease and making him more comfortable with a very tumultuous situation. The relationship of trust she built with our family has proved invaluable. Throughout the process, she spent countless hours with our family and witnesses, gathering as much information as she could. All the while she kept us well-informed and lent a guiding hand to help us make sense of it all.

Because of all that she has done for us, it is our belief that Ms. Centofanti is one of the finest lawyers in her field in the state of Wisconsin.

(Her young son was seriously injured on a ski lift)

Dear Kelly,

Our heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work. Your support kept me going throughout this time. NO ONE could have done this job better than you. Bill and I both feel like we came out winners. With love, God Bless you.

(She was permanently injured in a motor vehicle collision)